Mercury® Outboard Quick Connect Installation

Guide For Mercury® Installation

1. Remove the original OEM plug from the engine cowling.

2. Unscrew the OEM plug from the 3/4" female hose receptacle.

3. Separate the OEM plug from the lanyard by rotating it in a counterclockwise rotation until free.

4. Fit the Flush-M™ Mercury® to the lanyard and the ¾" female hose receptacle.
(For all V8 engines - install the included 90° Elbow)

5. Install the Flush-M™ Mercury® back into the engine cowling, securing it in place with a ¼ turn in a clockwise rotation.

NOTE : Remove the engine cowling to ensure there are no leaks or hose kinks upon initial flushing.

Video For 90° Elbow Installation - V8 Engines

Suzuki® Outboard Quick Connect Installation

Guide For Suzuki® Installation

1. Remove the original OEM plug from the engine cowling.

2. Remove the cap from the Flush-M™ by twisting counter clockwise ¼ turn and pull outward.

3. Install the Flush-M™ into the cowling by rotating it in a clockwise direction until firm, using a 5/8ths wrench for added leverage if necessary.

NOTE : Do not over-tighten.

Yamaha® Outboard Quick Connect Installation

Guide For Yamaha® Installation

1. Separate the OEM Yamaha flush port from its base by unscrewing in a counter-clockwise direction until free.

2. Securely screw the black male quick connect into the Yamaha flush port and the black female quick release onto the Yamaha base.

3. Connect the 2 newly installed ends into one another.