Flush-M™ Quick Flush for Yamaha® Extended Product Information

Flush-M After-market Attachment Quick-flush solution for Yamaha Outboards

A Quick Flushing Solution for Yamaha® Outboard Engines

Yamaha® outboard engines are synonymous with reliability, power, and innovation, making them a top choice for boating enthusiasts worldwide. To ensure longevity and sustained performance, proper maintenance is crucial.

One vital aspect often overlooked is engine flushing, which removes salt, debris, and contaminants that can compromise performance.


An Innovative Outboard Engine flushing system

To address this need efficiently, Flush-M presents a quick flushing solution tailored specifically for their outboard engines.

Traditional flushing methods can be time-consuming and cumbersome, discouraging many boat owners from performing this essential maintenance task regularly.

Recognizing the need for a more convenient and efficient flushing method, Flush-M™ has developed a quick flushing solution, designed specifically for Yamaha® and other makes of outboard engines, to that ensures your outboard engine remains in top condition. 

The innovative Flush-M™ system streamlines engine flushing, making it convenient for boat owners to maintain their engines with minimal effort.


How does our Yamaha® Quick Flushing Solution work?

Simplifies engine flushing, making maintenance easier

The Flush-M™ quick flushing solution utilizes a specialized quick connect attachment that effortlessly connects directly to the Yamaha® engine's flushing port permanently with a an OEM looking finish. 

Seconds to Connect

With a user-friendly design, attaching the flushing hose takes seconds, eliminating the need for complex installations or additional tools. Once connected, fresh water flows directly into the engine, effectively flushing out salt and debris.


Key Features and Benefits of Flush-M Quick Flushing Solution for Yamaha® Outboard Engines 

The Quick Flushing Solution for Yamaha® Outboard Engines made by Flush-M provides several added benefits that contribute to efficient maintenance and optimized performance:

  • Ease of Use: The Yamaha® Quick Flushing Solution is designed for user convenience, allowing hassle-free installation and operation, regardless of experience level
  • Time Efficiency: The Yamaha® Quick Flushing Solution streamlines the process, enabling users to complete flushing quickly and efficiently.
  • Effective Maintenance: Ensures thorough cleaning of critical components, minimizing the risk of corrosion and damage. This proactive maintenance approach enhances the longevity and performance of Yamaha® outboard engines.
  • Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with a wide range of Yamaha® outboard engines, ensuring universal applicability for boat owners.
  • Reliability and Durability: Built with high-quality materials and construction, the Yamaha® Quick Flushing Solution is durable and reliable, capable of withstanding the rigors of marine environments.