Keeping your Suzuki Stealth clean on the inside

The Suzuki® Stealth Line. Stealth Inside & Out*

Keep your new Suzuki Stealth performing as sleek on the inside as it looks outside.

The new Stealth Line™ of outboards for the 2024 season, have just been unveiled by Suzuki Marine in the USA.

The Stealth line has been designed to provide a bold yet ‘stealthy’ look that will set any boat apart from the crowd whether you are a saltwater angler or a freshwater enthusiast. 
The new outboard line features an all-black, matte finishing and matching Chrome Black Graphics. Suzuki’s DF115B Stealth Line outboard is an inline 4-cylinder that delivers a powerful punch to flats skiffs, small center consoles, aluminum fishing boats and other popular vessels. 
Owners of the new Stealth Line can keep their sleek outboard performing at its peak, keeping its inside matching its good looks on the outside, by using Flush-M , the ultimate aftermarket outboard engine quick flushing attachment.

The Flush-M™ aftermarket attachment for Suzuki® outboards is specifically designed to permanently replace the OEM flush plug found on all four stroke Suzuki® DF Outboard Engine from 25HP - 350HP. The Flush-M design is sleek in and of itself, concealing and blending well with the smooth lines of the new Suzuki® stealth line outboards, and will not detract from the beauty at all. 

The attachment comes in a matte black shade, matching that of the new stealth line making a seamless integration with the Suzuki® outboards’ aesthetic. No bulky protrusions jutting from the outboard or even noticeable, yet a quick effortless flush after every outing by connecting a standard garden hose.

Have fun with your Suzuki® Stealth Line outboard , and after, make the needed outboard flushing an effortless chore rather than one final burden (that nobody really looks forward to) after a hard day out on the water. 
More time on the water with your Suzuki® Stealth Line, with less time on the dock by using the Flush-M .

Suzuki’s new Stealth Line delivers a look that is bold and sleek , with performance to match, and the Flush-M keeps it that way. A perfect match.

The DF115B and DF250A Stealth Line outboards are available now. 
The DF150, DF200, and DF250 Stealth Line outboards will be available early summer 2024.

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