New Yamaha V6 350HP is 100% compatible with Flush-M Outboard Quick Flush system

NEW Yamaha V6 350HP: Quick Flushing with the Flush-M System

Yamaha has just released its most powerful outboard V6 Engine, and the best news is it is 100% compatible with the Flush-M Quick Flushing system.

Yamaha's Most Powerful Outboard V6 Engine has just been released for 2024. Weighing in at 629 pounds and delivering an astounding 11:1 compression ratio, the new 4.3L V6 Offshore F350 creates unbelievable power with an incredibly light design.

The 4.3L V6 Offshore F350 is fully compatible with the Flush-M Quick Flushing System, for fast and effortless flushing of the outboard. This new model is also compatible with digital controls and a range of gauges and props to suit your preference for performance, control and the display of data.

All the above control additions, and the extra easy flushing using Flush-M, make this new V6 outboard from Yamaha the ultimate choice this 2024 season.

Click for link below for more information on the Yamaha V6 150HP

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