Aaron Young loves our Mercury® Outboard quick connect, engine flushing product after trialing the Flush-M; read about it in  his truthful review

Key West Waterman Takes Aim At Flush-M™

If you're familiar with the Florida spearfishing and topside fishing, you will be familiar with Aaron Young's "Dibs on Bottom Adventures" YouTube channel. Following Aarons story one quickly can appreciate his sincere passion for the ocean and marine life. And, with the endless knowledge one gains from being on the water nearly every day, we paired up with Aaron to put the Flush-M™ to the test!
You see, Aaron Young is no recreational spearfisherman, but rather a quite 'in demand' commercial spearfisherman, fisherman and captain of the Florida Keys. When you're in your car going to work, he is on the boat. When you're in your place of work, Aaron is in the water. Don't be fooled, this lifestyle is glamorous but recognised as some of the hardest work in the industry.

Much to the Flush-M™ teams gratitude and satisfaction, Aaron welcomed our Mercury® Outboard quick connect, engine flushing product and in true style gave it his truthful review after trialing the Flush-M™.
See the full video here: Snowy Grouper Season Opener | Commercial Profit Breakdown

If you're interested in some action on the water on your next trip to key west, make sure you enquire with "Dibs On Bottom Adventures" and "Paddlin' Madeleine".
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