The Mercury® V10 Outboard Flush Cape is compatible with Flush-M™

Flush-M™ meets the anticipated Verado V10 | Compatible

It became official on Tuesday, 15 November 2022. Mercury® released the much anticipated Verado® V10 outboard engine to compliment their inventory.
It appears that big displacement engines are the future for outboard engines and that comes at no surprise as boat manufacturers are building bigger and heavier boats. These bigger boats need the increased HP ratings from the outboards and the history of internal combustion engines still suggests that 'there is no replacement for displacement'. 
A key advantage of additional cylinders for added horsepower over the use of superchargers is the torque curve. Torque is becoming increasingly necessary on larger boat applications and the V10 has more cylinders doing less work to achieve the same numbers.

So what does this mean for Flush-M™ you ask? Well the clean answer is we have another great Mercury™ engine on the market that is compatible with the Flush-M™.
That's right, the new V10's use the same OEM flush cap as the 1st generation Verado® and each engine in-between, so whether you're upgrading from the V6 or V8 Verado® to the V10 Verado® or going V10 right out of the gate, you can take your Flush-M™ with you!

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