Read of our many Customer Reviews on the Flush-M™ Outboard Flushing Solution

Customer Reviews on the Flush-M™

Dear Flush – M,
Aloha from Hawaii.  Here are my happy Mercury 300s installed on my Axopar 37 with the flush M adaptor installed.  It has saved my marriage!  Flushing is so easy and does not create the struggles that the OEM covers created when we return to the dock!  I am also using the boat more since the flush out is so much easier!! As you know I have shared these great adaptors with my dealer Jeff Brown Yachts in San Diego as well as the Axopar friends here in Hawaii.  They love it too!

  • Rich N.


Just ordered two of them.  I think this is a fantastic product, hoping it works as well as it appears to.  Every time I have to flush my motors I have to deal with the mercury system that is tricky and stubborn to open and just as stubborn to put back in the outboard.  Your system solves all of that, I think you will sell a million of them.  Good luck.

  • Dean G.


I love, love your product. How we have struggled over flushing the damn 300 HP Verados engines after a huge day at sea.  I tried it on the starboard side and now want one for the port side.  SO HAPPY!

  • Chris P.


It’s about time! These are a game changer, thank you and good luck with the venture!

  • Kyle B.


I decided to give the flush-m a try to save the time and the headache of flushing 4 motors. The install wasn't difficult, but I did have to remove each cowling and adjust the pathway of the internal flush line to prevent its tendency to kink when the flush-m was locked into place. I added an automatic sprinkler timer from home depot and now can flush the motors with a push of a button, it takes less than one minute to put on and remove the system. I am all in the system for less than $500, which seems cheap compared to a reverso. I installed everything this weekend and it took a little over an hour, as long as it holds up it will be worth it.

  • JB.


I just placed an order for 4 of your devices. These things look awesome!  Thanks for designing :-).

  • Todd M.


Life-long boater and enthusiast. Regularly try new things. Love the product. Great idea. Looks well engineered and quality construction.

  • Jeffery L.


I can’t wait to install it on my boat and try it.
  • David C.


Hello, I purchased a set of your flushes and love them!!!!
  • Thomas K.
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