All Calcutta boats are delivered with Flush-M™ as a standard Outboard Flushing Solution

Calcutta Custom Boats "Flush-M™ comes standard"

Paving the way for Catamaran center console fishing boats, in a heavily dominated monohull market, Calcutta Custom Boats has emerged as a top tier boat builder in Florida.
Paying a particularly keen interest to customisation and customer satisfaction, the team at Calcutta boats have gathered a healthy following in the boating community. 
We are all familiar with the extraordinary growth of the boating market in the last decade here in Florida, and what Calcutta team have capitalised on, is pioneering the growing catamaran market, by exploiting the versatility a catamaran offers over monohulls on a foundation of full customisation.
The Sarasota boat builders have a winning formula for offering maximum value to the customer, a key marketing attribute in an almost saturated boat market.

Flush-M™ are proud to have Calcutta as a local distributor. All Calcutta boats are delivered with Flush-M™ as "standard" a small step making a big impact in customer care.
Find Calcutta boats website here: and book your seatrial today!

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