Going beyond the Flush. Adding addatives to your outboard flush.

Beyond Outboard Flushing - Using additives for longer outboard life

It should be common practice for all outboard owners to regularly flush their motors. And while a regular flush is very healthy, attention can also be paid to descaling, de-salting as well as dreaded corrosion, which can eat away at the insides of your outboard turning delicate parts to rusted cogs.

Salt Build-up

Persistent and hard built up salt deposits can impede on the moving parts of the outboard. Flushing generally takes care of the most, however a certain amount of build-up can still occur  in certain areas and it is always better to try and prevent than cure.

To combat this it is best to use a salt protection fluid to flush hard deposits from the outboard cooling system. This will help ensure the maximum performance and service life. 

There are various products* available to do this



Scale and slime can build up in an outboard engine and block cooling water flow. It's important to flush an outboard motor with freshwater after each use in saltwater, brackish water, or silty or muddy freshwater. 

Descaling Motor Flush removes harmful deposits. This will ensure that your marine engine runs smoother and lasts longer.

There are a number of products available* to help you descale with your flush.


Anodes corroding is a common challenge with aging outboards. Corrosion and the deterioration of the metal components due to exposure to the water happens over time. All metals tend to corrode, some more easily than others. For this reason it is good to regularly check and also use an anti-corrosion or corrosion Guard type product. This will prevent rust from forming on the outboard powerheads, under-cowl areas and other metal surfaces on the outboard. This will help ensure long-term running of your outboard components.

Descaling Motor Flush removes harmful deposits, ensuring your marine engine runs smoother and lasts longer You can use an extreme duty corrosion inhibitor spray* to help prevent this process along with your regular flushing.

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