Accessorize your outboard flush this summer season

Accessorize your Outboard Flush this Season

Enhance your outboard flushing this season with a collection of accessories to make the job so much simpler. Enjoy the tasks with your outboard and less hassle of cleanup after.

The first accessory we highlight is a timer for the flushing process. Timers are generally used for hoses connected to your garden system, however can easily be connected into your outboard flushing system for the additional feature and ease of timed flushing. No more having to stand by the process of the flush, these timers will shut off the waterflow after use. 

One timer with the features you may want to have a look at is the Orbit irrigation timer. The Orbit B-Hyve XD Bluetooth 4 faucet timer is easy to use and packs a real punch in terms of features. It will turn your flush connection into a smart, programmed system within minutes.

Smart technology allows you to to control the flush hose from your  locally via Bluetooth, or remotely through Wi-Fi. For Wi-Fi access, giving you even more options. One-touch operation is available on the timer so you can flush without the use of a phone.

Look into the orbit on the following link

The 2nd accessory which will change the way you look at and feel about flushing is an Expandable Elastic hoses. Expandable Elastic hoses don't kink. They expand during the watering process and contract again after, thereby taking up less space when storing onboard. 

Additional to the space saving for storage, these expandable hoses can also fit between multiple engine vessels - without the unnecessary frustration of kinking

Browse a good selection of Expandable hoses on the link below

Quick connect that prevents waterflow.

The last accessory advice we can mention is to look at your quick-connection itself to ensure your connection now matches up to your upgraded hose and timer usage,

The Flush-M included red quick connect has a built-in Check valve that prevents water flow unless hooked up to the Flush-M.

Add this no-mess to your timer and a lean expandable hose and the make the job of flushing no sweat, no fuss and no-mess this coming boating season!

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